Apple USB Power Adapter

iPhones, iPads, iPods
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Apple USB Power Adapter (for iOS) designed for iPhones, iPads, iPods - White

This USB Power Adapter provides a fast and efficient charging at home, office or on the go. Simply plug in dire outlet, switch on your iPod or iPhone ®, and the charging begins .

Due to its universal design, it can be used with the help of World Travel Adapter Kit (sold separately) , throughout the world.

Charge Quickly at Home Small but Powerful Charge your iPhone or iPod at the fastest possible speed with this charger that works in any power outlet. This convenient USB adapter plugs directly into any wall power outlet and features a compact design that also makes it ideal for travel. The charger is also compatible with iPhone 5 and Lightning. The charger can also supply power to any device that charges via USB, as long as you have a USB cable compatible with the device.
  • 5W USB Power Adapter can be used to recharge the iPod and  iPhone all generations, both with 30-pin dock connector and to the dock connector Lightning.
  • Network Adapter 5W USB Power Adapter has a standard USB-connector and a euro . Charging on AC all Apple devices is fast and safe.
  • You can easily use while travelling the size of the adapter is small so its easily comes in your pocket.  
  • To connect the gadget to the charger, you can use the original cable Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable , if your device has a 30-pin dock connector, cable or Apple Lightning to USB Cable , if your gadgets dock connector Lightning (all cables sold separately) .
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